About Us/Our Mission
Our goal is connecting energy healers all around the globe and providing potential clients access to an abundance of energy workers with ease. Here potential clients can connect with a variety energy healers at the click of a button!”

​We are SO excited to announce our new MEMBERSHIP program!! This means we are collecting a HUGE database of ALL energy workers who offer paid or free services. For a LIMITED time we will be offering this product for FREE for the first year as part of a BETA phase! After 2020 this will be offered for a small price of 25$ a year.

Why Join?
Perks of joining:
❤️Personal profile on the Essence Healing website
❤️3-5% discounts
❤️join a community of energy healers and get together to help one another succeed
❤️marketing opportunities for your business
❤️mentoring meetings
❤️continued educational and professional development
❤️increased credibility as a energy healer


  • Click the Button and fill out your application below

  • Join Our Group to connect to the best healers!

  • Invite Your Friends!


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