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About Us!

So what is the IEWA? What does it do? How can it help you?

The IEWA is a (non profit organization) directory for all known and unknown energy healers, we aim to connect others to their perfect clients and help energy workers be better energy workers!

As a committee member you get many benefits, including advertising! We will post your events through our Facebook page, guide people to the right healers, and help educate what energy healing truly is. You also get access to our unlimited promotion posts on the -holistic healing community page- 👇


We will also host retreats for healers and non-healers, as we aim to help energy workers become better energy workers & as we teach others how to help themselves and their loved ones.

If you’re interested in joining, please fill out our form through our website! 

Note: We are also currently looking to build our leadership committee board! If you are interested please let us know via email

Dedicated to You!

“What makes our practitioners different than other practitioners?"

Essence healing is the ONLY at-home Holistic Health Center that teams up with Doulas, Massage Therapists, and of course, Energy Healers! We team up with people across the globe to reach as many individuals as possible.

Our Energy Workers are dedicated to providing everyone with SAFE, PROFESSIONAL, WORTHWHILE energy healing. We only hire energy healers that fit these standards! If you ever receive a session that does not feel uplifting and worthwhile, you may report it on our website at any time. We are committed to excellence and we care about each clients session, we want each client to have a safe professional experience every time they book with us, being known for professionalism is important to us!

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